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Weathering stain

The weathered look you want – without the wait!

Evolution Series

For shingles only

  • The next generation of weathering stain!
  • Environmentally friendly – not solvent based
  • Same beautiful driftwood silver tone as solvent based stains
  • Consistent look

Fraser is proud to offer a water based weathering stain. Technological advances have allowed us to move away from solvent based weathering stains to a more environmentally friendly product that offers the same results! Water based weathering stains produce the same charming driftwood silver tone as solvent based weathering stain, with fewer repercussions on the environment.

Natural weathering requires years of harsh exposure and produces an uneven appearance. Our water based weathering stain achieves this effect in a fraction of the time and the result is a consistent, silvered look!

Try Fraser shingles coated with water based weathering stain today!

Evolution Series

Our Evolution Series offers a tongue and groove design that incorporates end matching, giving you the quality and elegance of wood siding with a modern look and increased stability. This water and sound-resistant series offers three profiles that give your home a clean finish.

Our unique Fraser-Lok technology gives your siding a clean and crisp joint line while virtually eliminating any appearance of face nails. The finished product will look as if it was installed effortlessly because every board is locked in on all four sides. Waste is reduced and so is the installation time. The end result is a product with practical benefits and enhanced aesthetics.

Custom appearance…

Evolution is available in three profiles and, as with all Fraser products, boasts an unlimited colour selection that gives you the flexibility to complement any architectural design.