Make Home Maintenance a Year-Round Activity

by zhano

If regular home maintenance is not high on your list, then now is the best time to reconsider. Without regular maintenance, small structural issues can turn into serious problems that can undermine your property’s structural integrity. Furthermore, these minor damages can transform into expensive repairs or even renovation.

In short, incorporating a regular home maintenance schedule can work for your home in the long run. It will not just ensure the beauty and durability of your property but it will also boost its overall value in the long run. If you’re still clueless on how to approach home repairs, then consider our recommendations below. The recommended maintenance steps are timed for each season so you can easily schedule the tasks and prepare your budget in advance.

Home Maintenance

What to Check and Repair Annually

There are some repairs and checks that you can do every year. Every year, make sure you check out the exterior of your home and pay attention to the wood siding and the foundation, and around the vents. This is an important step especially if your property uses wood siding for its exterior. Keep in mind that the wooden material expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. You can also call for a professional carpet cleaner to maintain your carpeting. Although you regularly vacuum the carpet, there are still stubborn stains and deep-down dirt that can be removed by a professional carpet cleaner.

As part of your annual maintenance checklist, you may also want to inspect, repair, or even upgrade your locks and security installations. You can start by conducting a complete lock inventory. Survey your property and identify the locks and their condition. If you see some locks that are rusty or damaged, you may want to replace them with new ones. Locks, door chains, and garage door defenders are your primary defense against break-ins so you need to include this in your plan. For the best results, always hire a local locksmith that’s experienced in installing or re-keying locks. By hiring the services of a professional locksmith, you can learn about the modern lock solutions that you can use in your home.

Semi-Annual Check-Ups

Twice a year, make it a point to inspect the downspouts and gutters of your home. Look for clogs and other damages that may affect the flow of rainwater. Speaking of downspouts, these should be installed in such a way that it directs water away from your property’s foundation. Wooden sidings and the foundation can be damaged if the rainwater is directed to the foundation. Also, you can get the services of a professional team that can flush the primary drain line of your air conditioning unit. The drain line may accumulate debris and algae over time which can cause water damage to your home.

Monthly and Weekly Repairs to Consider

There are also several maintenance steps that you should consider on a monthly or weekly basis. For a start, make sure to regularly clean or even replace the filters of your air conditioning system. The filters screen the dirt and debris and they can build over time. And if you don’t pay attention to the accumulation of dirt on the filters, it may affect the ability of the air conditioning unit to provide you with consistent cooling. Also, clogged filters may cause the unit to malfunction.

Every week, make it a point to conduct a general cleaning and sweeping of the floors. Make it a point to sweep, dust, or even vacuum the floors at least once a week. Check the condition of the lighting particularly in high-traffic areas like your kitchen and living room. Make sure you have some extra bulbs that can be used to easily replace the damaged ones. Finally, check and clean the faucets based on the recommendations of the manufacturers. Faucets are available in different finishes so be careful when using abrasive cleaning materials.

Home repairs and maintenance are a year-round activity. It should always form part of your schedule and budget if you want to protect your property and avoid expensive repairs in the future. More than the savings that you can get from regular checks, repairs, and maintenance can also help promote a high-quality of living. Life becomes sweeter if you know that your family is safe and protected in a well-maintained and managed home.

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