Siding And Shingles – All That You Need To Know

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Whether you are building a new home or renovating your existing one – let’s agree that it is a truly rewarding experience. It will take months or years of effort to figure out the perfect layout and design and give it the style and finishing you have always dreamed of.  From the kitchen cabinet to the color of your curtains, every detail has to be perfect. But a home is not complete without sidings. Not only does it protect the home along with the foundation and everything inside it, but it also enhances the beauty and elegance of your home.

At Fraser Wood Sidings, we are dedicated to bringing artisan quality, Canadian-made sidings, and shingles. From the experience of leading experts in the industry, here is how quality siding can protect your home and how to choose it.

Why Should You Have Siding Or Shingles Installed?

installing siding and shingles

The main reason for installing siding or shingles is to protect your home. Whether it is a strong rain or wait, these protective elements keep your home away from harm. In the winter, sidings can keep the house’s interior well insulated, and the heat inside remains inside. This could also mean you have to pay lower utility bills. Not only that, it accentuates the beauty and elegance of your house to create a unique look. It takes up a large portion of your home’s outside surface and becomes the primary element that increases curb appeal.

Not installing siding or having poor quality siding can cause several issues. Primarily, in monsoon or during winter, water or cold air will find its way inside the frame of your house. The problem with this is moisture can get trapped inside the walls, and you will not even realize that slowly it is starting to rot and create mold. This could eat away the entire foundation of your home from the inside out before it becomes a problem you can actually see and take actions to fix.

Siding also keeps insects and other weather elements at bay. It’s not just a decorative fixture; it is something that will save you time and money on repairs and fixes. Poor quality siding can also make a portion of your home more vulnerable, which could require emergency lock repair.

When Should You Think Of Installing Siding?

If you are building a new home, installing a siding can improve your foundation’s longevity and make your home a safer place. If you already have installed siding and it is coming off or warping, you might have to get it replaced soon.

Good quality products do not fade away or warp soon, which is why you should pick high-grade siding and shingles to ensure that you don’t end up replacing it every other year.

Even simple problems in the sidings or shingle allow the water to seep inside your walls. The trapped moisture will eventually give rise to several issues. So, do keep a lookout for anywhere paint is peeling off or there is a sign of moisture damage. If you see small dark patches on the walls, it is also usually an indicator that you have a problem with moisture control, which can be greatly improved with good quality siding.

Why Should You Consider Installing Shingles?

Architectural shingles are of high quality, and they can last for 50 years. They come with a warranty. But you must be asking yourself, what is the benefit of installing shingles at all. They have a similar structural protection element as siding and keep rainwater, sunlight, and wind elements from damaging your home.

Since your home roof goes through maximum wear and tear, you must protect the rooftop to make sure the rest of your house remains intact. Shingles can come in many shapes, colors, and forms. They can be cheap or incredibly expensive. Metal or wood. Depending on your home’s unique need, the weather patterns of where you live, and your budget, you can determine what style suits you best.

At Fraser Wood, you can custom pick your siding and shingle choice by filling up a simple contact form and leaving your preference. All products are made from Canadian softwood that is 100% PEFC certified, and this is why it lasts for decades. Pick the quality products your home deserves.

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