7+ Brilliant Aspects Of Living In A Wooden Home

by zhano

Either you want to move to a larger or smaller home, you should seriously consider the types of materials that have been used to build that home. Probably, you don't know that even the building materials can affect your life in several ways. Don't you believe it? Just consider that people who live in wooden homes result to be more relaxed and peaceful than people who live in cement-and-brick homes.

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Also, attending places in wood has positive effects on your brain's activity as you'll be able to stay focused on your work or study longer, you will feel more motivated and naturally prone to work or study more efficiently. Libraries and offices that are built or covered with wooden finishes are actually the perfect places where you can give the most of your skills.

Just to add something to this concept, consider that people who live in wooden homes or spend a lot of time in a wood-finished room tend to win more often when playing video games or casino games. Asiatic gamblers are discovering casino games only in recent times, but since many of them live in wooden homes, it seems that Thai, Chinese, And Korean gamblers perform the best results at games.

We are sure you are now interested in learning more about the effects of living in a wooden home that can change your life.

Unique And Amazing Properties Of Wood

One of the main reasons why wood will never pass as a storm is because it's beautiful, always charming, elegant, natural, simple all at once. Why do people choose wooden homes instead of homes built in other materials? It's not really about following a local tradition, but it's more about the unique and amazing properties of wood. If you are ready to find them out, take a look at the following list:

  1. It's naturally insulated
    Insulation is one of the most crucial aspects when building a home. When living in a cement-and-brick home, you won't have perfect protection from external temperatures. When it's hot, your home will get very warm, while when it's cold, your home will see to freeze. On the contrary, wood can mitigate sudden dips in the temperature because it absorbs both humidity and the gap of temperature between the indoor and the outdoor environment.

  2. Thermal property
    Differently from cement, metals, and other hard materials used in construction, wood doesn't expand when temperatures get very high. As a result, wooden cabins and homes are structurally more solid and don't go through changes or damages due to material expansion.

  3. It keeps soundswooden concert hall
    We've mentioned above that wood has the particular property of absorbing heat, humidity. Now, we want to focus on its capability to absorb sounds, too. Consider that most concerts are held in specific halls with the walls covered by wooden panels. It's because wood absorbs sounds and reduce the echo effect due to the hall size.

  4. It helps save on energy bills
    All homeowners often complain about too high energy bills. Wooden homes are, on the contrary, very efficient from this point of view. Thanks to its insulating property (see also point #1), wood allows you to avoid too cold and too warm indoor temperatures, so you'll use your heating/cooling system less often. In a year, you will also save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

  5. Low risk of home fire
    Another brilliant property of wood is that it's resistant to electricity. As a consequence, there's a very low risk of home fires due to electrical devices or damaged plugs. Even during a storm, your home will be safer even in the case of short circuits.

  6. It always looks the most beautiful
    A wooden home looks always more beautiful than any other home in a different material. Wood is pleasant to look at, no matter what color you want to cover it or what style you choose for your wooden facade. You can choose natural wood for a simple and peaceful style, or you can paint your wooden finishes in a variety of colors creating your unique nuance.

  7. It's environment-friendlywood
    Wooden homes are usually less expensive than homes made with other materials. The reason is that wood doesn't require too much processing, while concrete and other materials like that imply long processing phases which impact the overall costs for a home.

Also, wood is very resistant to oxidation, which means that you won't have to worry about frequent maintenance works or repairs, which is a genius thing for homeowners who don't have enough time or patience to go through maintenance works.

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