How To Choose The Best Shingles For Your Home

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Did you ever wonder what you could do to add more value to your current home, in case you plan on putting it out on the market for sale in the future or for your own convenience? Oftentimes, people tend to ignore one of the easiest, yet most efficient solutions represented by adding or changing the shingles on the roof. If you believe you may be interested in designing an outdoor living space or you would simply like to bring some changes to the exterior aesthetics of your home, the roof should be an essential part of the project. Some people might consider building a cooking space in outdoors they can use during the summer, others might have some more complex spa-related plans that might include pools, decks, and saunas. For any of these projects, the home’s roof will represent an important visual design element that will need to blend in with the rest of the new front or backyard décor.

The color, type, and fabric you choose for your new shingles will make or break your quiet gazebo where you will spend your evenings playing casino games on your phone or laptop or brand new patio. Choose them wisely and you will create the perfect harmony and blend that will accentuate the garden landscaping. If you do not have a lot of experience choosing asphalt shingles for a rooftop, you may want to take some time and do some research so you can know just what to expect.

roof shinglesChoose Shingles That Best Match Your Personality and Style

Whether you are interested in creating the warmest and coziest vibe or, on the contrary, a vivid, wild, bold statement using your outdoor décor, you have plenty of fine shingle options that can help you do just that. Select elegant or modern-day urban chic shingles in the most suitable colors and shades and opt for a style that will boost your home’s curb appeal. Do that and you should also manage to boost the resale value of the property.

Rooftops are, without a doubt, serious types of investments that you will need to live with for several years, and knowing how to perfectly match the color of the shingles with the rest of your exterior elements is as challenging as it is beneficial.

If your home is currently painted in red or you have lots of red accents on and around it, you could opt for shingles that are colored in dark brown, green, black, or grey for best results. If your house is brown, you can match it with brown, blue, green, or grey shingles. A beautiful light grey home will perfectly blend with white, grey, black, blue, and green shingles. Beige or cream paint on the exterior walls of the house can be matched with green, blue, brown, grey, or black shingles. A clean and white house can be matched with pretty much any shingle color out there, while a log house will best match brown, black, green, or grey colored shingles.

Why Are Shingle Colors Important?

Because the roof will usually represent around 40 percent of the exterior aesthetics of your home, so they should receive more attention and effort. Also, the higher the roof’s slope, the more visible the shingles will be from out in the street. Choosing the right color on your new asphalt roofing shingles will also automatically mean improving the style of the property, while also helping gables attract more attention.

Since colors are known to have a powerful impact on our psyche, as they can calm us down or send us in a state of excitement, it is vital to make sure to always choose the most relevant and suitable ones for the shingles.

Please keep in mind that your geo-location should also help you determine the color of your new shingles. For example, lighter-colored shingles will keep the interior a lot cooler. Opt for shades of brown, grey, or green to create a nice blend with the nature surrounding you. Pay attention to the color of the shingles and the way they look in various lighting conditions. Natural light will not look the same in different locations or at different times of the day. Dark grey shingles could work well with vividly colored brickwork, for example. When the brickwork has colored patchwork of various colors, you could consider black, dark brown, grey, or green shingles.

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